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Credorax Raises $40 Million To Become A Payment Acquirer For The Internet Age

Written By: Support - Oct• 28•14

8474532085_02a9566eac_k Managing the arcane arts of processing transactions for online purchases is a complicated job. Once a shopper enters the numbers on their card, the expiration date on their credit card, and their zip code, a complicated machinery of transaction processors springs into action representing both buyer, seller, and processing network in a matter of seconds. Until now, most of the infrastructure… Read More

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These dual-layer iPhone 6 cases come in 11 colors and are on sale for $19.95 today!

Written By: Support - Oct• 28•14

The DualPro is a hybrid style case that combines a flexible inner silicone layer with a rigid outer plextonium shell. Naturally the silicone core absorbs impacts and the plextonium shell features a custom blend of polycarbonate with a soft-touch finish that delivers improved drop protection over the average plastic case. Yours today for just $19.95!

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‘SNL’: See Jim Carrey’s Hilarious Matthew McConaughey Impression and More

Written By: Support - Oct• 28•14

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Photos | MTV Buzzworthy: Pop Stars Making Taylor Swift Faces!

Written By: Support - Oct• 28•14

MTV Buzzworthy: Pop Stars Making Taylor Swift Faces!

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Signal to Noise: UFC 179′s best and worst

Written By: Support - Oct• 27•14

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Lady Gaga – Judas (Gaga Live Sydney Monster Hall)

Written By: Support - Oct• 27•14

Judas (Gaga Live Sydney Monster Hall)

  • Artist: Lady Gaga
  • Label: Streamline/Kon Live/Interscope
  • Director: Bernie Zelvis

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Best Halloween apps and games for iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

Written By: Support - Oct• 27•14

The best apps and games for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that are sure to get you and your family in the Halloween spirit

Halloween is right around the corner and that means candy, trick or treat, scary movies, and lots of other traditions. From games to great Halloween themed recipes to books you can share and read with your kids, there are lots of great iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps to help celebrate Halloween. These are currently the ones we think are the best iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps to get you in the Halloween spirit!


LIMBO is not only a spooky game that’s perfect for Halloween time, it offers up amazing gameplay with gorgeous graphics. If you like puzzle games, you’ll love LIMBO since it’s pretty much a series of physics based games bundled into one. You’ll wander through a word of LIMBO to find out your sister’s fate, and experience tons of obstacles along the way you’ll need to riddle out in order to advance. From defeating giant spiders to making your way across eery lakes, LIMBO is a fascinating world that’s sure to pull you in.

It may not be appropriate for young children but if you’re looking for a spooky game that’ll keep you guessing for hours, LIMBO is an excellent choice. Be sure to try it with headphones on for an even better experience!

Plants vs Zombies

Every year around Halloween I always feel the urge to play through Plants vs Zombies on my iPad. Nothing says Halloween like zombies roaming around your front yard. Both the classic original game is available as well as the newer edition, Plants vs Zombies 2. I personally prefer the original game but for those that don’t mind freemium models, both are awesome games and something the whole family is sure to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a great Halloween themed game that you can play over and over again, you need Plants vs Zombies in your life.

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons isn’t just fun for Halloween, it’s fun for every season. With specific level packs for pretty much any season you can imagine, Angry Birds Seasons is one that’s sure to keep adults and kids alike entertained. New updates to seasons bring power packs and other interactive items too so if you haven’t picked up an Angry Birds game in a while, now is a great time to check one out!

For themed holiday updates that come with every season, you’ll definitely want to pick up Angry Birds seasons.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has been an iOS favorite for years and in celebration of Halloween, it’s been updated to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters. You’ll see lots of familiar Ghostbusters equipment such as Proton Packs, Ecto Goggles, and more. You can even try your luck with the River of Slime from Ghostbusters II.

If you’re a Ghostbusters fan and you haven’t already picked up Fruit Ninja, there’s no better time than now.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a fan favorite around lots of different holiday seasons and Halloween is no exception. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a great story that many of us were read as children. Now you can get it directly on your iPhone and iPad. The best part is it’s interactive. It’s great for young children to read along with and explore on their own, or together with you.

Foodie Recipes

Part of the fun of Halloween is the candy and treats that come with it. The Foodie app updates regularly to feature recipes that are fun for every season and Halloween is no exception. Whether you’re looking for fun recipes to do with the kids or drink recipes for an adult party, Foodie’s got them all. Along with detailed instructions, each recipe is accompanied by beautiful images too. I’ve found Foodie to be a great resource for every season so it may just be something you want to keep on standby for the upcoming holiday season as well.

Your favorite Halloween apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

While these are my favorite iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps and games for Halloween, everyone celebrates a little differently. What apps and games have you found to be awesome editions to your Halloween collection? Let me know in the comments!

Note: Originally published, October 2013. Updated, October 2014.

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OnePlus to offer India-specific invites soon, official launch slated for later this year

Written By: Support - Oct• 27•14

After announcing plans to launch the OnePlus One via an e-commerce partner in the country later this year, OnePlus is now stating that the device in India will be initially sold through the invite-only system followed by other launch countries. The silver lining is that the invites will be specific to India, and that they will be “neither scarce nor impossible to come by.”

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Opera 11.10 includes improved power saving features

Written By: Support - Oct• 27•14
opera 11.10 battery power

Just recently, the Opera 11.10 release candidate was made available for download. It brought a handful of important feature additions — like HTML5 File API support and IMAP enhancements — and loads of bugfixes. Nestled in amongst the other details in the Opera team’s announcement is one more interesting tidbit: Opera 11.10 offers improved battery optimizations.

The timing here is certainly interesting, what with Microsoft’s recent report on how much power the top five Web browsers consume. In its findings, Opera 11 was fairly low in the standings. While we’ve not seen any new benchmarks yet, we’re curious to know whether the Opera 11.10 RC offers any significant gains.

If you’re running Opera 11.10 on a laptop, let us know if you’re seeing an improvement in your battery life while browsing!

Opera 11.10 includes improved power saving features originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 07 Apr 2011 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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New iPhones Selling Faster Than Galaxy Note 4 In Korea

Written By: Support - Oct• 27•14

hotcakes01 In an interesting turn of events, the WSJ is reporting that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are outselling the Galaxy Note 4 in Korea, a bit of news that should give Samsung pause. Pre-orders for the new phones hit 100,000 on the first day of pre-orders compared to 30,000 units for the Galaxy Note 4. Analyst Lee Seung-woo, an analyst with IBK Securities said that he expected the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus… Read More

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