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What Does Your Favorite Horror Movie Say About You?

Written By: Support - Oct• 26•14

You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite horror movie, and since this is the season filled with scary movie screenings, here’s a rundown on what some of these films say about their fans. “Halloween” You appreciate the classics and like things simple and well-made. “Scream” You could be friends with… Read more »

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Report: Retailers Shutting Off Apple Pay to Make Room For Own System

Written By: Support - Oct• 26•14

Report: Retailers Shutting Off Apple Pay to Make Room For Own System

According to MacRumors, CVS and Rite Aid are both nuking unofficial support for Apple Pay, by turning off their NFC payments system altogether. According to an internal memo, the sour grapes is because Rite Aid is working on its own mobile wallet solution, which will be available next year and almost certainly not as successful as Apple Pay.

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A Glowing Kate Middleton Walks the Red Carpet at the Action on Addiction Dinner

Written By: Support - Oct• 26•14

It was a racier look from Kate Middleton, for sure, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t look absolutely amazing. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, the Duchess of Cambridge could step out in jeans and a tee and …

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The NRA of Automatic Weapons

Written By: Support - Oct• 26•14

Jeff Follodor was en route to West Point, Ky., for the biannual Knob Creek machine-gun shoot and military gun show when I spoke to him about the booming machine-gun business. As with semiautomatic weapons, machine-gun sales have spiked in recent years, and an enthusiastic culture of collectors and devotees now flourishes around the most heavily regulated weapons in America.

The three-day event in West Point is the largest of its kind, attracting dealers, collectors, and gun enthusiasts from around the country. It includes a night shoot, where men take aim at barrels of fuel attached to pyrotechnic charges. “The charges are set off by the impact of the bullets, creating fiery mushroom clouds and fireballs from hell!” according to the website of the Knob Creek Gun Range, and video of previous shoots shows the fireballs lighting up the dark sky.

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12 Dessert Fails Your Sweet Tooth Will Never Forgive You For

Written By: Support - Oct• 26•14

Pinterest is a dirty liar.

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Amazon update lets you purchase digital content from within flagship app

Written By: Support - Oct• 25•14

Amazon is now letting users browse and purchase digital content from its flagship Android app, which sees the addition of categories like “Apps & Games” within the list of departments.

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Fall TV’s First Cancelled Show Is…

Written By: Support - Oct• 25•14



It turns out love was not in the air between ABC and the fall TV season’s first axed show, Manhattan Love Story

The network’s decision to ax the show, of course, comes as no surprise

In just four airings, Love Story, starring former America’s Next Top Model contestant Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman, shed nearly half of its 4.7 million premiere audience, with the most recent episode pulling an anemic 2.7 million viewers. Combine that number with a general lack of buzz for the rom-com and a sad DVR ratings boost and you have a bonafide TV bust

The show shouldn’t sulk, though. Someone had to be first, and four weeks into the new fall TV season, everyone was wondering when the first freshman series would fall Read more…

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Nest owns Revolv’s home automation tech now, too

Written By: Support - Oct• 25•14

Google’s adding another member to its household family that includes Nest and Dropcam, and this time its home automation outfit Revolv. The firm’s website lists it as “a Nest company” now, and goes on to to assure existing customers that they’re…

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Apple orders iCab iOS browser to cripple JavaScript modules

Written By: Support - Oct• 25•14

The developer of iCab Mobile, a feature-rich alternative to the Safari Web browser on iPad and iPhone, has been ordered by Apple to remove its ability to download and install JavaScript modules.

Presumably it’s not the fact that iCab can execute JavaScript that’s causing Apple to apoplectically puff and splutter, but rather its ability to download modules. Both Apple and Google frown upon apps that contain market-like functionality, and someone at Apple probably thought that iCab’s JavaScript modules looked like a bit too much like discrete apps.

Alexander Clauss, iCab’s developer, has rather a lot to say on the matter. “Maybe if I would have called the modules ‘smart bookmarks’ and would have made installing them much more complicated, Apple would have never asked to remove the ability to download them from the internet. The great user experience of installing modules has probably created a suspicion that these modules are more than just a piece of JavaScript code. From a pure technical point of view, if Apple does not allow to download modules (JavaScript code), Apple would also have to disallow to load web pages in general, because these do also contain JavaScript code.”

In conclusion, to circumvent Apple’s draconian decree, iCab Mobile now simply comes bundled with some 20 JavaScript modules. The ability to download modules made by third-party developers has been disabled, however — but even then, Clauss says that you can simply contact him and ask for your module to be bundled with the next version of iCab.

Download iCab Mobile for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ($1.99)

Apple orders iCab iOS browser to cripple JavaScript modules originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 08 Apr 2011 07:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Hannah Graham Remains Identified; Virginia College Student Abducted Last Month

Written By: Support - Oct• 25•14

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