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Windows 8 wallpaper available to download, Jupiter and Twin UI spotted

Written By: Support - Oct• 22•14
windows 8 wallpaper

With Windows 8 milestone 3 now up for grabs for select Microsoft Connect partners, it’s inevitable that leaked bits and pieces will start popping up around the Web. In fact, the first “official” wallpaper image from the still-brewing OS is already making the rounds.

As you can see, it’s got a similar feel to the good ol’ Windows 7 default background, but features a more subdued smattering of cerulean hues. Those of you who want to use the Windows 8 wallpaper on your current desktop can download it from our file dump.

A few other details have been revealed, too. According to ZDNet’s source, the Windows 8 Jupiter libraries and Twin UI are starting to take shape — though all that’s been located thus far are “[various files] scattered throughout the OS” and the aptly-named twinui.dll.

Windows 8 wallpaper available to download, Jupiter and Twin UI spotted originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 31 Mar 2011 10:45:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Google Chrome now uses SPDY HTTP replacement, halves page load time

Written By: Support - Oct• 22•14
SPDY in Google Chrome
We’re not entirely sure of the time line here, but it looks like Google has now rolled out the SPDY HTTP replacement to its full bevy of Web services, including Gmail, Docs, and YouTube. If you’re currently using Google’s Chrome browser you’re probably already using SPDY.

We originally reported on SPDY way back in November 2009, when Google introduced it as yet another experiment in making the Web faster, like Go, Native Client and speculative pre-connections. Over the last 18 months, though, SPDY support has found its way into the stable build of Chrome.

SPDY is basically a streamlined and more efficient version of HTTP. At its most basic, SPDY introduces parallel, multiplexed streams over a single TCP connection — but at the same time, SPDY allows for prioritization, so that vital content (HTML) can be sent before periphery content (JavaScript, video). All in all, the SPDY protocol can halve page load times, which is obviously rather significant.

The best bit, though, is that SPDY is an open-source project. HTTP 1.1 is a lumbering beast that needs to be replaced before low-latency real-time computing really becomes a reality, and SPDY is one of the best options currently on the table. To be honest, we’re not sure why SPDY hasn’t received more coverage — it’s awesome in every way. At the moment, though, the only way to help speed up SPDY’s proliferation, is with an experimental Apache mod.

As far as actually ‘trying it out,’ your best bet is downloading Chrome, hitting up some Google sites, and then checking chrome://net-internals to see your active SPDY sessions. SPDY is a transparent replacement for HTTP, though, and as such it’s rather hard to see its effects. Google’s sites definitely feel fast in Chrome, but there are more technologies than just SPDY at work.

Google Chrome now uses SPDY HTTP replacement, halves page load time originally appeared on Download Squad on Mon, 11 Apr 2011 07:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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You Can Now Watch All 552 Episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ on Your iPad

Written By: Support - Oct• 22•14



Good news, cable subscribers: All 552 episodes of The Simpsons are now available to stream online and on smartphones and tablets. Say goodbye to the rest of your work week.

The Simpsons debuted on cable network FXX in August. Now, as promised, the FXNow streaming app has the first 25 seasons of The Simpsons available to view at your leisure.

In addition to a special Simpsons World section of the FXNow app, has the same content available. The portal offers fans a way to watch full episodes, see schedules of upcoming TV marathon airings, get behind-the-scenes tidbits and buy Simpsons merchandise. Read more…

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The Super-Slim Kindle Voyage Is A Great Travel Companion

Written By: Support - Oct• 22•14

IMG_2458 In 1935, Sir Allen Lane and V. K. Krishna Menon founded Penguin Books, a company dedicated to producing high-quality, small-format paperback books for the world market. These small, well-made little books introduced some amazing fiction, philosophy, classical thought and spiritualism to a hungry audience, and the low price made it easy to build a library of amazing titles that could fit into… Read More

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With Just Two Weeks Before Election Day, ABC, NBC Fail to Mention Midterms

Written By: Support - Oct• 22•14

On Tuesday, ABC and NBC made no mention of the upcoming midterm elections, which were two weeks away from Tuesday and include numerous Senate races that will decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the U.S. Senate.

ABC’s Good Morning AmericaABC World News Tonight with David Muir, NBC’s Today, and NBC Nightly News made no mention of the midterm elections in their evening newscasts while the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley ran not one but two segments on the topic during its Tuesday night broadcast. 

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Carvey Is A Powerful CNC Machine For The Rest Of Us

Written By: Support - Oct• 22•14

6c80b8459464e595e727f98d9d2a39d7_large Robotic CNC machines – cutting systems that use spinning tools to swipe through metal, wood, and plastic – are cool but ugly. Most of them are as big as a fridge and designed to carve out objects in a few minutes but none will sit quietly on your desk and do its business with aplomb and elegance. Now, however, there’s Carvey. Carvey is the Form 1 of CNC. Designed to be a… Read More

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Google Play Music Gets a New Look and Songza’s Suggestion Superpowers

Written By: Support - Oct• 21•14

Google Play Music Gets a New Look and Songza's Suggestion Superpowers

Today, Google Play Music gets smarter about the suggestions it offers, by taking into account the time of day, day of the week, and device you’re using. So when you’re dragging at the end of the work day, you get just the jams you need to get through it.

Read more…

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Skin Buttons Are Working Buttons Projected Onto The Skin

Written By: Support - Oct• 21•14

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.34.12 PM The folks at Carnegie Mellon’s Future Interfaces Group have made something really cool. Essentially, they are using small lasers to paint icons onto your skin through the bottom of a watch. The icons are touch sensitive and can be projected in any shape. The team consists Gierad Laput, Robert Xiao, Xiang Chen, Scott E. Hudson, and Chris Harrison, researchers at CMU’s… Read More

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Carmen Electra Gives Insight Into Her Volatile Marriage To Dennis Rodman (VIDEO)

Written By: Support - Oct• 21•14

Carmen Electra opened up about her tumultuous relationship and marriage with basketball star Dennis Rodman on “Oprah’s Where Are They Now?” show. The beautiful singer and actress revealed she had lost her mother to cancer and went on a destructive phase in her life. Electra, 42, said she was age 26 and on the set […]

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Posting revenge porn could soon become a serious criminal offence

Written By: Support - Oct• 21•14

The posting of ‘revenge porn’ may become unequivocally illegal in England and Wales soon, after the House of Lords agreed yesterday the law should be amended to specifically include the practice. Currently, anyone that shares explicit images to…

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